McFarlane’s statues | The Walking Dead

Last year i had the pleasure to work with the MCFarlane’s team and sculpt action figures for the Walking Dead series. I had such a great time working on those, you can find them at store.

MCfarlane_Portraits02 MCfarlane_Portraits01b

The final figures are really small so i had to balance the amount of details on the portraits to still make it read from a distance.



Zombie action figure based on the comic book version of Michonne’s pet, Mike.

It features 17 points of articulation and includes a neck collar & chain, tear off arms & jaw, and push in/ pull out intestines. 4 inches tall.


Daryl9McFarlane - TWD 10 Inch Daryl 0005other_10inchdaryl_photo_07_dpother_10inchdaryl_photo_08_dpother_10inchdaryl_photo_10_dp

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