God of War Reveal videos

A few interesting videos from the God of War reveal at E3 2016

Live reveal

Entrevista para Omelete [pt]

Best live reactions to the E3 reveal

Cory’s interview

V-Ray Masters Podcast

Podcast que participei falando um pouco mais sobre minha carreira e outras besteiras [pt]

God of War


During the past couple of years i had the pleasure to work as a Character Art Director with a really talented team from Sony Santa Monica on the next big God of War game.
Being involved on every aspect of the game it’s been an amazing challenge and learning experience.

This little “teaser” of the product is a result of a great team collaboration, special thanks to Dela Longfish for working closely together since the beginning of this project and for pushing the limits of what we could do with the amount of resources we had.
The feedback from the public has been amazing so far and there is a LOT more to come soon! I cant wait to see people’s reaction once they see what we have cooking behind the studio walls.

Cheers to the entire ssm team! Back to work!



E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

Kratos Design – Rafael Grassetti, Dela Longfish, Jose Cabrera, Vance Kovacs
Kratos Model – Rafael Grassetti
Son Design – Dela Longfish, Rafael Grassetti
Son Model – Rafael Grassetti, Chris Gillet
Troll Design – Dela Longfish, Vance Kovacs, Rafael Grassetti
Troll Model – Rafael Grassetti, Eric Valdez
Poster Image – Jose Cabrera



Santa Monica Studio Creatives – Sculpting the Dream

Poseidon statue i made for a presentation at Santa Monica Studio. Check out the video for a little more about my story and behind the scenes at the studio!

(versao legendada – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm-vgXW_Adg)

Tested.com Interview

In case you haven’t seen it yet a quick interview at DesignerCon for tested.com




Designer Con

I had an amazing experience at DCon! Really amazing support from the community and our friends. Thanks everybody that showed up to chat and check out the pieces in person, we will definitely do more cons in the future!
A special thanks to ALL that helped me create the pieces and specially to Glauco and Aline for all the help at the show, my wife and little me! Dave Wilkins, Stephen Oakley, Dave Rapoza; You guys rock!
If you are wondering about the pieces, i still have a couple marvel busts left! Stephen’s Ostrogoth piece is sold out but i have a waiting list going, we will run another small batch of pieces in a few weeks, make sure you put your name here >https://grassetti.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/ostrogoth/

Cheers! See you soon!




Hey guys! Here is a little teaser of something I’ve been working on with the talented Stephen Oakley for DesignerCon!
Hand sculpted with MonsterClay, Super Sculpey and Epoxy.
I’m really happy with how this turned out! I will post more pictures after the show! We are going to have 10 copies available there, plus a few more after this weekend! If you are interested make sure to put your name on
this waiting list!
The statue will ship in January – dimensions – 12′ high – 10′ wide
(update, the first batch is sold out, please put your name on the list for the next batch – January)



Pixologic Awards 2015 – Sculpt of the year


So this happened! Cant believe i won the award for sculpt of the year! Thank you all that voted and like my work, you guys are the reason i keep pushing myself to do more and share more!
I also had the chance to meet and receive the award with one of my idols, meet new people and see some really good friends at the event!
Thanks Paul, Jaime and all the Pixologic team for putting this together! You guys dont have idea of how much you do for the community and the industry! Im your fan and always will be!

Festigames 2015 – God of War III Remastered

I had the pleasure to go to Festigame in Chile to talk with the media about God of War 3 Remastered and share with the fans a little bit of my story. I created this Kratos’s poster for the event, thanks everybody who stopped by to say hi! Cant wait to come back next year!

Sketchbook 2015

Sketches and unfinished projects from 2015..